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Location Tracking App via Instagram

Update Improved geolocation hacking speed

Specify a profile number to start geolocation tracking:

InsTracker software gives users access to a view of all geotags published since the creation of the compromised account. To optimize the handling of geotags, they are displayed in the application interface as an Address Log, which also shows the coordinates of each geotag. For each geo-label, the publication to which it was attached is also shown.

By registering a profile in the Dashboard you automatically accept all terms of use..

  • 20:52 Hi, I'm on my way send a gps location tag
  • 21:04 map
  • 20:52 Yeah okay, I'll be there soon.
  • 21:04 Great, I'm waiting for you, you're close.

Tracking current geolocation

Allows you to track your movement history via Instagram

Data about the target user's current location is updated in real time. Users can track the movements of the target account owner directly in the Dashboard via the web maps integrated into the interface. The tracking is completely anonymous: thanks to the fact that the tracking goes through a third-party interface, Instagram's security system does not identify suspicious activity in the account.

You only pay once

In order to make the application more accessible to users, we gave up providing access to the software on a subscription basis - now by purchasing InsTracker, you get lifetime access to the purchased functionality. If you want, you can expand the functionality simply by purchasing the features you need (and even in this scenario, you lose virtually no money).

Works on all types of devices

Using the web interface to provide access to the compromised account database is a tangible advantage of InsTracker over competing programs. The application works steadily on any type of device; all you need to access the interface is an up-to-date version of one of the popular browsers. You can sign in to InsTracker on an unlimited number of devices.

Useful even if the user has no internet connection

Even in situations where the device being tracked has no internet connection, the software can be useful for tracking: for example, InsTracker always displays the last location of the device before the user goes offline. In addition, you can use the functionality of the software to determine with a high degree of probability where the profile owner may be.

Relocation history

Track your location on Instagram

The software establishes a geolocation tracking of the profile owner immediately after the account is hacked. The user's current location is broadcasted to the InsTracker Profile with minimal time delay and without any error in the display of geo-position (on the map built into the interface and in the form of coordinates).

Location map

People Nearby Functions

People are around.
Zboncak Sonny

4.24 km from here

Terry Flavio

8.17 km from here

Price Terrell

11.25 km from here

In the default mode, the map displays all the locations that the tracked user visited at least twice in the last week. If you wish, you can change the parameters of the location display or, for example, enable heat map mode: in this mode, the application will mark areas on the map with colors, where red - visited more often than others, and green - not visited.

Extensive functionality in one place

Start tracking your Instagram location in 3 easy steps


Identify the user

Enter your profile link, username or phone number. The hacking session functions in the background and is completely invisible to the account owner.


Wait for the process

Wait until InsTracker creates a request to intercept a system message with a code that allows you to access the page.


Get Results

As a result, the client is able to authorize the profile on the new device. Information about the login and password of the desired account.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with the software.

From what I understand, the software uses artificial intelligence to analyze text. How does this work?
Artificial Intelligence analyzes all the messages in the user's correspondence, and scans them for any typical words he uses when making appointments. In addition, it looks for the names of establishments, streets, and neighborhoods in the same city as the user being tracked.
Is there any way I can track a user's meetings with someone?
For this purpose, the "Users nearby" function is available in the application, which is an additional feature of the application.
I don't get notifications. How do I fix this?
It is probably a matter of your browser settings. Check if your browser itself has permission to send notifications, and then go to your browser settings and make sure InsTracker has the appropriate permission.
Is there a working way to track another person's location on Instagram?
To find out where another person is via Instagram, simply purchase InsTracker software. To determine the geolocation of an Instagram user, the app uses a unique approach that involves hacking the full database of the target account. To hack the geolocation and track a user's geotags, all you need to know is their username on Instagram.

Continuous tracking of compromised accounts
via a single interface

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