Tracking Someone else's Instagram Profile Online

App for Following another Person on Instagram

Update Version 3.2.1: Chat histories, including deleted messages

Three hacking options are available: by phone number, profile link or username

InsTracker is a cross-platform web application. To access all of its features, you don't need to download and install anything, just have an updated version of one of the popular browsers. The application interface was designed with a special focus on the user experience, and over 90% of users understand the functionality of the program quickly and independently.

By registering a profile in the Dashboard you automatically accept all terms of use..

Tracking Someone else's Instagram Profile Online
Larkin Ferne
  • 20:52 Hello, we are organizing a holiday
  • 20:52 We would like to see you and your loved ones at this event
  • changed 8:52 p.m. Saturday night.
    About six hours
  • 21:04 Yes, we would love to visit
  • 21:04 Thanks

Monitoring hacked Instagram activity

We can safely note the following advantages:

Quick and clear web interface

InsTracker is a cross-platform web application. To access all of its features, you don't need to download and install anything, just have an updated version of one of the popular browsers. The application interface was designed with a special focus on the user experience, and over 90% of users understand the functionality of the program quickly and independently.

Notifications of updates made

The app has an extensive notification system for new activity in the account. Using filters, the user can designate the range of updates of interest, and then receive notifications about them in the mail, by SMS or in the form of smartphone system alerts. Depending on the notification method, the delay between activity identification and notification sending is from 1 to 15 seconds.

Guaranteeing data security

aking care of user data security is an important value for the app development team. We guarantee that all the data specified during registration is stored in encrypted form, is not used for advertising and is not transferred to third parties. If desired, a user can delete their account at any time. After deleting the account, all data about the user is also deleted from the database.

How does it work?

Access to the data of administered pages

In fact, it's not that hard to start tracking Instagram activity online. It's enough to find a working way to hack instagram without access to your phone. Of those on the market, the only Instagram spy app that can be called a 100% method is InsTracker. The software application allows you to find out whose profiles another person is viewing, read Direct messages, track your location on Instagram. Synchronizing the software with the device gives users the ability to track offline access to the target profile's database. Each time you open the InsTracker web app, the software duplicates new profile activity and new data packets into your phone's memory. If necessary, you can adjust the content you sync by various parameters.

Access to chat message history

Keep track of correspondence and message history

The app hacks the history of all chats in Direct and then continuously monitors all incoming and outgoing messages in real time. Users also get access to deleted messages and drafts. The interface integrates easy message navigation and the ability to save favorite messages.

  • 18:33 To the Moon ... 🚀🤣
  • 18:33 What's your name? We can figure out how to spend the evening
  • Either I'm going crazy, or that cat just knocked on the door '😹😹
  • 18:37 Interesting offer 😊

Monitoring account activity

Activity tracker

Monitoring account activity

By clicking on the "Activity Tracker" tab in your My Account, you can access information about all of your profile statistics, sorted in chronological order. You can use filters and a calendar to see only the type of activity you are interested in. For example, you can configure the software to only show likes, comments, and visits to a specific person's profile.


View deleted and archived publications

The software gives access to all the profile posts ever created. In addition to the archived posts (those that the profile owner decided not to delete, but to hide from other users), InsTracker also allows you to see all deleted posts - an option not even available to the account owner himself.

See all Stories ever published

Most Stories disappear 24 hours after publication, but their information is still stored in the Instagram database. InsTracker's Instagram tracking software hacks access to this database and copies all of the data packets associated with the profile being tracked. Thus, an InsTracker user can view all the Stories of any profile.

Ads Manager

Tracking Instagram and Ads Manager

Any types of files that have been sent or received by the user in messages can be downloaded to the device as a single data archive. Users can download an archive of attachments of the entire message history or choose to download an archive of data of specific correspondence.

Recovery of unsaved esters

In a similar way, the app accesses user broadcasts that have not been saved. All recordings are converted into media files and become available for viewing in the internal player of the My Account interface or for downloading to the device as MP4 files. Recording quality is optimized automatically and can be customized by the user.

InsTracker: Setting up someone else's Instagram account tracking.

Run a remote hack on any account by entering the username or phone number

After remote launch of the software, the following data will be available in the Dashboard: incoming and outgoing messages, secret chats, information about location and routes of movement, list of received and sent files, call logs and contacts, list of managed groups with the possibility of hijacking.

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You get an additional discount if you pay for hacking several accounts at once or use the service repeatedly.

24/7 support

One account

All possibilities for the basic tariff

99 /usd

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Three accounts

All possibilities for the optimal tariff

237 /usd

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Albert S.
Albert S.
star star star star star5

Watching my ex-girlfriend's Insta, looking at her posts, storis, and other stuff. She doesn't even know about it. What was my surprise when I found out that you can also read my correspondence.

instagram Instagram
Andrey Saffin
Andrey Saffin
star star star star star5

A really cool tool for those who are willing to use it wisely. The main thing is to be careful not to give yourself away with your actions. You can only log in through your My Cabinet, and under no circumstances should you log in to Instagram.

facebook Facebook
E Trifonova
E Trifonova
star star star star star5

InsTracker is not only suitable for hacking someone else's account, but also for viewing my own stats! No other service repeats similar functionality in one place. I recommend it if you are a blogger or advertiser.

instagram Instagram
NLesya Fedorova
NLesya Fedorova
star star star star star5

It's super convenient to keep track of all the updates in the profiles I'm interested in! There's also a nice twist - you can see things that are usually hidden from others' eyes by privacy settings 😎

instagram Instagram
Nader Rosario
Nader Rosario
star star star star star5

In a short amount of time, this tool has become my favorite spy tool for advertising on Instagram. They've gone miles in terms of functionality, relevant advertising, and especially search capabilities.

facebook Facebook
Purdy Akeem
Purdy Akeem
star star star star star5

It took longer than expected to create the account, but it was worth the effort. The support was great when the hack didn't work and there were questions. These guys know stuff out there.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with the software.

Can I track a user's current location via Instagram?
Location tracking is available to users of all InsTracker packages. As a rule, the delay is no more than 5 seconds, and the error in the geo-positioning display is no more than two square meters.
Can I monitor the profiles Instagram of multiple users at the same time?
Yes, all you need to do is start another hacking and tracking session in the same InsTracker account. The price per active session depends on the total number of sessions run: thus, the more profiles you track, the lower the cost per session will be.
How do I track another person's likes on Instagram?
To track likes, just buy the basic InsTracker package and wait for the end of the hack. After that, go to the "Activity" tab and select the filter you are interested in.
Will I be able to see the hacked user's deleted comments?
The software displays all comments ever posted by a user, including deleted comments. A complete editing history is available for all comments. In the InsTracker interface, all deleted comments are marked with a trash icon and edited comments are marked with a pencil icon.

100% Privacy

Ensuring the highest level of privacy for customers is one of the top priorities in the development of the service. That is why all information received, sent and published by website users is fully encrypted and is not subject to identification by third parties.

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