Restore Access to Instagram Account

Reset Login and Password without contacting support

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Recovery by URL, username or phone number is possible

InsTracker has a unique feature to restore access to the database of a locked account. We won't be able to unlock your page, but we will be able to give you back access to your messages, documents, photos, videos, and other data packets that you have stored in your account.

By starting the procedure to restore access, you automatically agree to terms of use..

Reset Login and Password without contacting support
Restore Access to Instagram Account

Reasons to choose InsTracker to regain access to your Instagram account

Fast and reliable way to regain access to your profile

At the moment, InsTracker is the only third-party software for regaining access to your Instagram profile whose terms of use guarantee secure password recovery: the algorithms used by the application do not raise suspicions of the social network's security system, thus negating the possibility of locking your account when authorizing with a new password.

Regular updates and free premium features

On average, every two months we release a major update to InsTracker. In addition to improved functionality and interface optimization, new premium features are integrated into the update. For the first month after the release, the new features are available to all users in the basic package. We are always happy to get your feedback on the changes.

Your data is perfectly safe

The security of all data is guaranteed by InsTracker's Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Under no circumstances is user data used for advertising purposes - it is stored encrypted on our secure servers. The only situation in which data can be copied or deleted is at the request of the user.

Retrieving lost access to your account

InsTracker software is an online solution for restoring lost access to your Instagram account, with extensive functionality and a user-oriented interface. The implemented approach is based on the use of a combination of a virtual device and the Personal account interface. The app hacks the profile by intercepting a previously requested SMS with a verification code, and then uses the virtual device to log into the account. Before you can restore a deleted Instagram profile, you need to go through a brief registration in the system, select and pay for a suitable package of services. To recover deleted messages, you just need to log in to your InsTracker account and wait for the application to complete copying the profile database. It will also contain the full history of Direct correspondence, including deleted messages.

Restoring a deleted profile

Viewing messages without logging in to your account

The ability to restore a deleted profile using the mechanisms of the Instagram application is quite a complicated and time-consuming task. Firstly, you have to communicate with the support service, and secondly, the recovery is possible only under certain conditions. InsTracker allows you to restore any profile, regardless of when it was deleted and whether it was used to run ads.

Reset Instagram password

InsTracker software is a fast and working way to reset your Instagram account if your profile is stolen or you forget your password. As a rule, it takes no more than 15 minutes to recover your password. Once the process is complete, the app will send you a notification, clicking on which will allow you to log into your InsTracker account, create a new password, and use it to log into your Instagram profile.

chats and messages

Recover deleted chats and messages

When viewing a compromised account's message history through InsTracker's Account, the interface will display all messages ever sent and received in Direct. To see which messages have been deleted, open the filters window and check the "Deleted Messages" filter.

Reliable Instagram profile database storage

In addition to its primary purpose, the InsTracker app comes with a number of features that can greatly enhance your Instagram experience. For example, the software can be used as a cloud to store your account data. Depending on which package you use, you will get a certain amount of storage space (at least 5 gigabytes) that will be used to store your account data.

Frequently Asked Questions

Answers to questions that may arise when working with the software.

Can I see the messages sent by the hacked user's interlocutor?
Yes, you get access to all messages ever sent in chats that the hacked user is a member of.
How can InsTracker help me find my lost phone?
With InsTracker, you can track the geolocation of all the devices on which your Instagram account is authorized.
Can I sign in to InsTracker on my smartphone and laptop at the same time?
Yes, you can sign in to your InsTracker account on an unlimited number of devices.
How do I restore deleted Stories on Instagram?
Deleted Stories are stored in your account database. Thus, in order to restore Stories via InsTracker, you just have to wait until the database copying is complete, log in to your account, and go to Stories.

Continuous tracking of compromised accounts
via a single interface

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