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How to find out who likes a person on Instagram

Back in October 2020, Instagram had a Following section that showed your followers' activity. Here you could see what posts your followers liked and what they commented on. This allowed you, for example, to find out whose posts your significant other had rated and commented on, to follow the actions of your friends and relatives on the social network.

Instagram no longer shows who your followers like

But recently, the developers of Instagram have been updating the functionality of the social network, while removing the features that users love. Such fate befell the Following section as well. Without it, how can you keep track of who has liked or commented on Instagram this or that person?

Who does your partner like on Instagram

Some people need to know what their significant other is doing on social networks for peace of mind. Being able to make sure that your partner doesn't leave comments or "Like" marks under ex-girlfriend or ex-boyfriend posts helped keep harmony in the relationship and prevent scandals amid baseless jealousy. But, in addition, it violated users' personal boundaries, allowed surreptitious monitoring of business accounts and used the information obtained for the purposes of direct competitors of commercial profiles.

As stated by the developers of Instagram themselves, they removed the Following section in order to preserve the privacy of users and not allow other people to monitor your actions in the social network. Another reason for this decision was the low percentage of use of the presented opportunity. After the introduction of new algorithms in 2019, which found useful profiles by users' interests, the Following section became unclaimed (and almost all new Instagram subscribers did not even know of its existence).

What's the benefit of viewing a person's likes on Instagramм

The Following tab allowed not only jealous young men and women to follow their favorites on social networks. It was important for promoting personal and commercial accounts, helping to better understand the tastes of the target audience and analyze their preferences.

The Following tab was removed in order to preserve user privacy
  • Business account owners used the Following section to track the actions of competitors and their subscribers when creating an advertising strategy (including a content plan when promoting an account).
  • Owners of both personal and commercial profiles used the Following tab to track their own subscribers and better understand what content their audience liked.

* How to track who likes a person on Instagram now

Vishal Shah (product manager at Instagram) officially announced that the ability to see who likes who on the social network has been permanently removed.

If you want to keep it for yourself, you need to look for other methods of monitoring other people's activity:

  • Third-party apps. Before October of this year, there were a huge number of such programs (which worked consistently): they simply went to your Instagram page, collected data from the Following section, structured it, and provided it to you. But after the removal of the tab in the social network, similar services stopped working as well. Now, with the help of third-party software, you can find out who likes a person on Instagram only if this software hacks into the target account and gets the entire history of the user's activity on the social network. This is exactly how InsTracker works, which we will talk about a little bit below.
  • Log in to the account of the person whose likes you regret to view. In the settings in the Account section, there is a subsection Post You've Liked (it displays up to 300 posts that the user has interacted with). Here you will be able to see all the publications, under which the owner of this account has put the "Like" marks. To implement the method presented, you'll need a smartphone or computer with auto sign-in to the desired account, or a login+password pair for authorization in the target profile.
You can see your own "Likes" in the Post You've Liked section
  • Subscribe to the same accounts with the person whose likes you want to see on the social network. In this case, your home page will display the publications that the person you're interested in likes. (You can subscribe to the target profile either from your main or fake account).

* A guaranteed method of tracking other people's likes on Instagram

When we looked at third-party software for tracking other people's likes on the social network, we wrote about InsTracker. Its main difference from the applications that a month ago helped to find out about users' activity on Instagram is getting full access to the target account, and not just analyzing user activity with the available algorithms of the social network. That is, the web application intercepts login and password from the account and collects information about all user's actions, authorized in his account (in this case, Instagram considers the actions of the program as the steps of the account owner and does not prevent the receipt of confidential data).

With InsTracker you can find out:

  • the data for authorization in Instagram of the target user (username and password);
  • published photos, videos, and stories;
  • the likes and comments posted (both under your own and others' postings);
  • messages received and sent in Direct;
  • hashtags and geotags listed under user posts.
InsTracker helps you find out who likes a person on Instagram

After removing the Following section, InsTracker is one of the few programs that allows you to find out exactly to whom and under which posts a person likes.

This web application will be indispensable for people concerned about the actions of their loved ones on the social network. It will allow you to identify potential threats at an early stage (for example, cyberbullying, dangerous interests of children or excessive sympathy of your partner for another person), learn about the hopes or fears of loved ones, and get an idea of the ideal gifts your spouse is dreaming about.